Double-Up Donation Day

Double-Up Donation Day 2018

Our Community Goals:

We Raised: $240,082
Our Goal: $230,000
We Wrote: 130,580,804 words
Our Goal: 130,000,000 words


Thank you for inspiring each other—and us!

Dear Writer,

Saturday’s Double-Up Donation Day was perhaps the wordiest day in novel-writing history. The NaNoWriMo community eclipsed its heady collective goal and finished with 130,580,804 words. (That’s nearly 5 million more than during last year’s Donation Day!)

Thank you for not only sitting down to write, but for spreading your creative spirit on social media, in the NaNoWriMo forums, and at write-ins around the world.

You inspired people to to bound beyond their limits, even if that meant writing in unlikely places.

Plus, you donated with off-the-charts generosity! You helped us raise $240,845, blowing past our original goal of $150,000—and setting a new Donation Day record.

As we get ever closer to our annual income goal of $1.4 million, we’re poised to support hundreds of thousands of word-slingers around the globe next year—including the 100,000 kids and teens in our Young Writers Program.

Thank you for believing in the transformative magic of creativity. One story sparks another story, and then others tend to follow. That’s important because our stories connect us with others; they are bridges at a time when we most need them.

With the deepest of gratitude,

Grant Faulkner
Executive Director

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